Embrace a New You



Pamper your skin

At The Skin Studio, we take your skin care seriously, with the utmost attention and professionalism.  Your skin is designed to last a lifetime, but our everyday environments and mistreatments can lead to long term damage, and this is where I step in.  As a graduate of the Artistic Academy and a professional body waxer, I have the skills and knowledge to aid in your lifelong pursuit of beautiful skin.  



Better Products

Beauty products are literally everywhere, but we've taken the time to learn how to treat a large variety of skin types and utilize the highest quality products to do so.  Normal retail stores try to provide "one size fits all solutions" but that is just not possible as every skin type deserves a customized approach.


New to The Skin Studio line of amazing products is the Motives Makeup line of cosmetics.  These are high quality products that are perfect for your special occasion or everyday use.  Stand out from the rest of the crowd with these luxurious products at very affordable prices.